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Posted in About the Gurdwara

The Gurdwara Sahib offers the following facilities:

  • Two Halls (including Darbar Sahib)
  • Basement carpark
  • Elevator on all floors
  • Conference room (mainly for official use)
  • Langgar hall (dining area) and kitchen.


Main Hall (Darbar Sahib)

This hall is situated at level 3 and its here that daily programmes are held (eg Asa di Vaar, Akhand Paaths, Gurpurabs, kirtan, Rehraas Sahib, etc). Parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is done here at pre-dawn hours daily and presides over the congregation till after Rehraas Sahib in the evening. Sri Sukhmani Sahib, Anand Karaj (Marriage Ceremonies) are often held in this hall too.

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General-Purpose Hall (Level 2):

This hall is used mainly when there are parallel programmes being held on the same day / time and the main Darbar Sahib is occupied. It may be used for the same type of programmes that are held in the Darbar Sahib, or even for exhibition purposes, etc.


The Sangat may book either hall for any religious programme or purposes. Please contact us for more information, or submit an online booking request.





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