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Traditionally and even today, activities in the Gurdwara are carried out by members of the sangat - each doing his/her part for the common good on a purely volunteer basis. 


Sewa (self-less service without any expectation of reward, etc) is an important and integral part of the Sikh religion. Sewa can take many forms, such as cleaning of the Gurdwara or utencils, assisting in the preparation of food in the Langgar (free kitchen), or outright monetary contributions. 

We encourage everyone to do their part and obtain the blessings of the Guru. If you can spare the time to help out in the Langgar, please do so. Timings are given in our weekly programmes page, with the most workload on Sunday mornings.

You can also help to sponsor the Langgar for a particular event or programme (eg. parontha di sewa for morning programmes). Contact the sewadaars or any of our management committee members for more information (or call us at 6338 0731).

Rates (updated Sep 2016):

Pronthay sewa: S$120.00
Degh Ardas (1/2 kg): S$8
Degh Ardas (1 kg): S$16



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