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Khalsa Dharmak Sabha Committee for 2017-2018
(As elected at AGM on 2017)

President Sarbjit Singh s/o Tahil Singh
Vice President  Nirmal Singh s/o Gurnam Singh 
Hon. General Secretary  Satwant Singh s/o Sarban Singh
Hon. Assistant Secretary  Ranjit Singh s/o Amar Singh
Hon. Second Assistant Secretary  Balour Singh s/o Mokhand Singh 
Hon. Treasurer  Harpal Singh s/o Jothiram 
Hon. Assistant Treasurer  Sukminder Singh
Hon. Second Assistant Treasurer  Turlochan Singh s/o Veer Singh 
Chairman Kitchen Services  Betermarjit Singh s/o Manjit Singh
Secretary Kitchen Services  Ratan Singh s/o Naranjan Singh
Chairman Religious & Cultural Services  Sukhvir Singh s/o Puran Singh 
Secretary Religious & Cultural Services  Tarandeep Singh Oberoi
Chairman, Building & Facilities  Devindar Singh s/o Joginder Singh 
Secretary, Building & Facilities  Parmjit Singh s/o Kernail Singh
Chairman, Youth Wing  Gurmit Kaur d/o Sadhu Singh 
Secretary, Youth Wing  Dr Hardeep Kaur
Chairman, Information & Heritage  Amrit Kaur d/o Tehal Singh  
Secretary, Information & Heritage Dalip Singh s/o Bachitter Singh 
Committee Members  Naranjan Singh
  Paramjee Singh s/o Manjit Singh
  Janmeet Singh
Co-Opted Committee Members   
Volunteer   Gurmeet Singh

Khalsa Dharmak Sabha
18 Niven Road
Singapore 228365.
Tel: +65 6338 0731
Fax: +65 6339 3060
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